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Cloth Arm Patches

This section includes TRF's (tactical recognition flashes) and unit formation patches.

L09 Royal Scots Dragoon Guards   6.00
L15 9th/12th Lancers   4.00
L41 Royal Regiment of Fusiliers cloth arm patch for 6th battalion yellow/red/blue 6.00
L49 Green Howards   5.00
L93 Royal Welsh Regiment   5.00
L102 Mercian Regiment   5.00
L105 7 vol Regiment, Army Air Corps   6.00
L128 21 Engineer Regiment LAD REME   6.00
L132 12 Regiment, Royal Artillery   4.00
L145 15 Field Support Squadron, Royal Engineers   5.00
L149 104th (City of Edinburgh) Field Squadron, RE   5.00
L201 Defence Communications Services Agency (Cyprus)   6.00
L210 32 Squadron 3 Close Support Regiment, RLC cloth arm patch black Chameleon on green 5.00
L225 Catering Support Regiment, RLC   5.00
L227 Joint Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group, RLC   5.00
L235 Reconnaissance Platoon (London Irish Rifles) The London Regiment   5.00
L259 1st Armoured Division cloth arm patch grey Rhino on black 5.00
L287 1 Reconnaissance Brigade   5.00
L316 19 Light Brigade (Bde Recon Force)   5.00
L351 Army Headquarters, Scotland   6.00
L364 Special Forces Support Group   6.00
L367 Headquarters Theatre Troops   5.00
L375 Joint Force Logistics   5.00
L378 Cyprus Services Support Unit (CSSU)   6.00
L381 Joint Warfare Centre, Stavanger, Norway   6.00
L387 ISAF (Afghanistan)   5.00
L403 Army Film and Photographic Service   5.00
L405 no image NATO Rapid Response Force green and black 6.00
L406 Brunei Garrison   5.00

The printed catalogue contains over 400 regimental cloth TRF's and cloth formation signs. This is a sample of those available.

Cloth Beret Badges

M04 no image 16th/5th Royal Lancers multi-coloured on tan 6.00
M05 no image Royal Dragoon Guards silver on blue 4.00
M26 no image Royal Logistics Corps gold on blue 4.00
M30 no image REME gold/white on tan 4.00
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